Page 183

August 12, 2010

Mannnn, I have not drawn Renshou in ages. This isn’t a permanent art shift, just some artistic license for this scene only. It’ll be more obvious as it carries on, but we’re having a ~*~flashbaaack~*~.

Still trucking over at TGT! Drop me a vote if you’re feeling generous.


Whoa, I really like the way this page’s texture is! You can tell it’s for a flashback, the way the sepia and the scratch-mark-looking-thingies (I feel eloquent now) play off each other.


Well, that is the technical term. I’m working on the next few pages right now, and I’m finding the style surprisingly fast and flexible. If only I could do every page this way!


Nice flashback effect. As Ink said, the texture is really great.

… It’s been a while since we saw the aristos. Still guessing at how their plot will tie into Adrianna’s.



Cheers. :) I thought everyone would have twigged the basic connection (I have not been very sly for the most part) but I guess that should become abundantly obvious in the next page or so.


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