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August 5, 2010

Hooray! Resigned despondency!

And that’s chapter 9 done! I think that was the longest chapter of RMR so far, but I feel like it covered a lot of ground, so it’s all good. Chapter 10 kicks off on Monday, and will be a bit arty for the first scene, so bear with me. I’m sure you’re all probably used to it by now

As was suggested in the comments on the last page, I’m looking into jamming a permanent formspring link somewhere on the site. Now that the surname pronunciation questions and scantily clad wallpaper questions have petered out, and been replaced by far more sensible questions about waffles and guns, it’s been going a lot more smoothly.


I know how she feels with that cut. The same thing happened to me (only I got hit with a rock not glass. And no explosion :P ). Blood was all over the place. Funny, like her I didn’t cry.


I think I know the feeling too. Though I can’t complain too much, I’m just ridiculously accident-prone so it’s usually my own fault, hurrrrr


Man, school and work had gotten the better of me! So glad to come back and see so many awesome (amazing, gorgeous, atmospheric, fantastic) pages have been made. You’re a goddess. Keep it up!


Hey Dray! Thanks! Nice to see you’re still around and reading. :D I’ve been thinking about moseying back to LJ for a bit, since it’s been ages since I made a post. Kind of curious to see if anyone’s still reading over there, actually.


I love this comic. Although calling it a comic seems somehow….inadequate. This is literally unlike any other webcomic I have ever read. The style, the writing, it’s all fresh. I read a lot of webcomics, but there are only a few that I would miss if they stopped and Red Moon Rising is one of the one’s I would miss. If I possessed a talent for drawing equal to half your skill, I would count myself a good artist and be pleased.


I agree. I’ve only recently been getting involved with webcomics, but these days I’m starting to follow a pretty good handful. And even though I’m a new reader and it might just be the honeymoon stage talking, I think Red Moon Rising is going to prove one of only two that I’d truly miss. (The other is Dylan Meconis’s Family Man, which is what got me interested in webcomics in the first place.)


I’m extremely touched by comments like this – if even one person felt this way then RMR would be worth the time I put into it. Knowing that there’s a good few people that do is sort of mind blowing! Thanks, both of you. :) No plans on stopping any time soon!


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