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June 14, 2010

Sorry Galak, you weren’t that charming.

And sorry for the late update today. If you want to blame someone, then you should be looking for Joshua Jenkins who spoiled my productivity on Sunday by, gallingly, being an interesting person to talk to. This is despite his comic having a hideous, hideous navigation system.

Saturday was spent doing up the site in a variety of ways that no one will ever notice. Mainly, all the secondary pages got a spit polish and some new graphics, which makes me feel good and provides no real new content for anyone else. So that was a day well spent. SEE YOU GUYS ON THURSDAY


Ahahahaaaaa, I love it. In anything else ever you’d expect a yes, but YOU ISH A CRAFTY ONE.

I love her expressions though.
“Do you trust me?”


No magic carpet ride for HER.


*Alternate DVD ending*
Galak shoves her off the side.
“I COULD HAVE SHOWN YOU THE WORLD!!!!” *he calls after her falling body. Trying to light a cigarette as he walks off into the rain, he realizes he just has pushed the only living Zippo he knows off a skydock……..


Who didn’t see that coming?

Also, who loves those fire colours to frell? Besides me? I note Andrea’s hair’s gotten more uniform since a good few pages back: that messy frizz of lines you use for highlights here basically consisted all of her hair at some point. IIRC.


Hey, I think your Gallery is broken. I clicked on it and it loaded quickly, but there weren’t any gallery-ish type objects: It was only the right-hand advert moved over super close to the left-hand one.


unless you got a big poofy hat and some sort of floating rug, i doubt shes gonna trust you very well at all
though if ya did have those i’d say she hit her head a little harder than we thought


You know, something I want to point out.

You draw females modestly, and that means a lot to me. I hate comics where women are just soft porn or they are unrealistically drawn. Makes me feel insecure about the way I look. But you haven’t gone by the way of majorly revealing necklines or skirts the size of a seat belt. (Well, not until this page anyway :-)

Makes me respect all the females even more in the comic, and I respect you. Bravo!


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