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May 3, 2010

Aghhhh, it’s May. I’m going to level with you guys, if updates are very spotty throughout the month, just assume I prioritised university work over the comic. I did my best to scrape together a buffer over the last few days, but not enough to cover the whole month. This kind of sucks, since I’ve been looking forward to this whole chapter for aaaages, but this is my last month ever of university, so if I can just stick it out… good times. My last deadline is May 28th, so after that it’s clear sailing.


Her dialogue makes me happy inside.

I have in fact, incorporated “This is my _ face” into my everyday conversation.


She’s so levely when being a bitch…

I love the crooked angle in the last panels, sets the mood very well.


You mean *ESPECIALLY* when she’s being a bitch.


The last Panel is pure awesome.
I mean her grumpyness leveled up, together with the cuts in her face…
it is like a level up.

I wouldn’t stand in her way when she looks like that o.O


Gotta love Adriannas character… most people get whiny or panic when shellshocked. She’s just kind of pissed. Hella-sweet.


I’m enjoying the comic! I like the story and love the art. You paint a moody scene very well.

As to updates, do what you can–school is more important right now. Time enough for comics later.

And you, at least, have communicated the reason for slow downs. Some folks haven’t even done that much. So, this is a good thing.


“You know what, I got that.” Ha. This line makes me smile every time I read it. Great comic you have here. I can’t wait to see where it goes.


“There was an explosion.”

Yes, hurray for the obvious, now how about we get down to something useful.


She’s such love. I love their banter, anyway, so getting a dose of it today has been rad.

On university whatnots: Light at the end of the tunnel!! I just got out in December, and I recall how insane the last month is. Don’t get too crazed, just take it how it comes and breathe. You’re nearly there. ;)


I have nothing useful to say, so I’ll say unimportant and obvious things, like how I just finished going through the archives and think the art, characters, setting, &c., &c., are kind of wonderful. I don’t even have any witty jokes. I’m so sorry.

All I can do for this update is praise, because above all I love the aesthetic: the feel of sharp line/pencil-art over mellow/dark paint textures; the way the realism of your conscious scenes pull so smoothly into the painterly abstraction of your vaguer or more moody pieces. I have a personal liking for this comic. (I don’t know art at all, so I can’t say much about that.) That’s even better than just admiring quality. Uh, isn’t it?. …Oh dear.

Maybe I’ll have something clever to say when you put the next page up? :/


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