Page 159

April 29, 2010

Drawing at all these awkward angles killed my neck. Damn you, comic. Still, I guess it was worth it. I realised yesterday I need to get about 9 (now 8) pages drawn before Monday if I expect to be updating at all throughout May, as May is giant crunch time for me as far as university goes, and I would quite like to actually graduate and not fail horribly. So… wish me luck! I would have updated the vote incentive, but I really don’t have time, so you should all use your imaginations and pretend it’s something super cool.


I wish you a great dollop of good luck with your uni studies/exams – I remember this time of year as the “cramming season” from my uni days.


Pfft, I LOVE the rainbow unicorn vote incentive. It makes me laugh every time I vote.

Man, other Universities must get out a lot later than mine did. Everyone’s always saying how May is a horrible month because of deadlines. This year, tomorrow is the last day of EXAMS. I graduated 3 years ago, and we never went into May. Ever.


Oh, and I think this is my favorite page yet. I definitely squinted for a while, trying to decipher what he might’ve said..but yeah, I don’t think that’s possible :P

Also, I’ve been secretly creeping on and voting for your comic for a few weeks >_> Now I’m commenting! Yahoo!


Good luck dear! I don’t miss the time before college graduation one iota!

If you can keep updates coming during that time – lovely and thank you. If you can’t, we’ll be here waiting for when you get back. ;)

(Ok it the person in the comic panel who I think it is?…)


Is… is it… Arakune?

(Watch as nobody gets the BlazBlue reference)


Haha, nice. I knew that kind looked familiar.

Gotta say, this looks really cool. Makes my eyes hurt a little but I suppose they would in that situation anyway.


Work hard, you can do it Rose!

Also your incentive is super cool. When you said imagine something, I was imagining Ironman fighting a bear. (THis is an image I have not found anywhere obvious on the internets, but is something that would be epic.) But that first draft… wow!


That is exactly what I did! Except for April. 8 pages done, uploaded, and scheduled! It is possible! Lack of sleep inevitably ensues, but results in much peace of mind :)

Don’t worry about vote incentives. I vote for you anyways without them, and I’m sure everyone above does too!


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