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March 18, 2010

Clearly mentioning Final Fantasy XIII in my last post was a horrendous mistake since approximately 90% of the comments (which I will dutifully reply to once I’m done wrangling with university) were regarding it. I am suspecting Final Fantasy fan comics are where the big bucks really are.

On a related note, it’s come to my attention that there’s actually some sort of a demand for a donation button, which sort of floors me… but as a poor student, who am I to say no? I’ll try and implement something over the weekend while trying not to feel too much like a panhandler. You guys are kind of awesome. <3


Hurray for stubble!!

I no longer see the voting incentive … is this because the contest is over, or am I just too daft to find it?


The plot thickens I guess :D
Misterious plot-item appeared,a “Chekhovs Key” perhaps?

Donation button? I did seek for one sometimes xD


Just draw Cloud somewhere in the background and you’ll REALLY hit the webcomics bigtime. (Wait, you’ve already drawn clouds. BA DUM PISHHHH)

Stubble <3 Also, bricks <3 (lol)


Oh the bitterness…

On donation button: I won’t be giving you any money, but girl, you got to make a t-shirt! I mean, there are comics that are selling their t’s after ten pages, and you’ve got hundred an thirty pages of awesomeness here and no shirt? C’mon!


oh uh…is this the start of some baby mama drama?

btw I looooove everything about this comic. Pure art.


Hahaha yes, you write a ***punk fantasy comic, of course a significant proportion of your fans will be Final Fantasy aficionados. It’s practically holy writ for “alternative” fantasy fans!

. . .

Lethe: “You’ve got to take me to se her. I have something to show her. It,


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