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August 24, 2017

“I mean, there was lightning and things. Come on.”

Hey guys, just a small note to say updates may be a bit disrupted over the next couple of weeks. I was supposed to be moving to a new flat on Saturday, now it’s up in the air (new flat has damp, it turns out) so my housing situation is a little… nebulous? Basically packing and holding my breath at the moment. Ugghhh


Siamar certainly isn’t concerned with state secrets, is he…

. . .

Sorry to hear about your flat trouble, hope it resolves quickly. I guess if you’re not allowed to move in because of the damp, that at least means the owner wants to fix the problem?


Definitely not a normal storm. Oo And best of luck with your housing situation! Keep us posted if you can. ;)


Very interesting; an unusually powerful storm? Could it be magically induced or controlled? Or is it something more alarming, such as wild magic that no one expected or can counter? Many questions, Saiamar!

Good luck with the housing situation! Having a stable living space is necessary if you plan to do anything (moving is one of the most disruptive events in anyone’s life – even when it goes according to plan), so no worries at all about your schedule, and know that your readers appreciate knowing you’re okay and that updates will resume when the figurative (or literal) dust settles. :)


so refreshing to see the adults in the room actually sit down and have a meaningful conversation. The usual m.o. Is for hijinks to ensue, and it takes a hundred pages before character A imparts crucial information to character B.


I hope things are going ok for you… is it still the housing trouble giving you grief?


Hey! Yes, though it’s mostly sorted now, finally. I’ve successfully moved as of a couple of days ago, but won’t have internet access at home for at least another week – I’m using a friend’s phone to write this comment, haha. Updates will resume either next Monday or the week after, fingers crossed.


I hope you’re doing okay, Rose! :)


Same here – regularly checking for updates…


Sigh, typical. Another webcomic that just ends. Shouldn’t be surprised, the author followed the usual pattern: Constant computer failures, looong gap between updates, university woes, job woes, “just rebuilding my buffer!”, brief Patreon panhandling, a Kickstarter, aaaaaaand dead. Never fails. Interesting world, beautiful art, bland characters. 5/10 passable but forgettable.


In case you hadn’t read the previous posts, the artist/creator is working on Kickstarter rewards right now in addition to paying her bills doing freelance work. She will resume as soon as she’s able. Then again, your commentary seems to indicate that you won’t even read this post, so your loss, not ours.


Thanks for telling it to them, Thracecius. :-)
“PassinThru”, indeed, so fast they barely seemed to notice the quality of this work.


Yeah, they appear to be another one of those sad cases of people with an overly-keen sense of self-entitlement. Oh well. Their loss, not ours. :-D


It is possible to see the quality of this work & still lament the fact that the comic is essentially dead. I’ve been a fan of RMR since ~page7, but even I see the writing on the wall.

It’s been almost 9 months since this page was posted & 8 months since Rose last posted in the comments. Most comics don’t recover from that long of a hiatus. This isn’t the first long gap RMR has had, but I believe it is the longest.

It’s sad to see in most comics, but it’s worse when it’s a comic like RMR that has beautiful art & an enthralling storyline. I continue to check occasionally, but I have diminished hopes of the comic continuing.

PassinThru’s comments may be less than diplomatic, but that doesn’t mean he’s wrong about the unlikely revival of RMR. I wish Rose all the best, but I don’t expect to be reading new pages anytime soon, if ever.


Hi Rose.
I just wanted you to know that your webcomic helped me immensely last night. I am suffering from recurrent depressive disorder and well, last night was one of those sepcially hard ones. I tried to breake the downwards spirals in my mind by browsing some webcomics, when I saw an ad for RMR. I immediately was attracted to the artstyle and just gave it a shot. I don’t know how, but somehow your comic managed to capture my mind in a way that I was almost able to forgett for a few hours what was going on with me. You even managed to make me smile a few times. I just wanted you to know, that I am grateful to you for creating something that could give me some sense of comfort in a time I never even dared to hope to find it. But sometimes it’s the most random things that manage to breake the worst patterns.
Thank you so, so, much!


Hi Rose, I’ve got to say. I really love this webcomic of yours from the bottom of my heart due to its superb story-line as well as creative characters. Speaking about characters, you stated that Adrianna & Lethe are half-siblings. So do they share the same father or mother?


At some point during the final hiatus of a web comic, it’s likely that the hiatus becomes so long the artist thinks, “I’ve let them down so much, I can never face them again.”

This is depression talking. I know it well. It’s not a voice you should listen to, though each passing moment may make it seem stronger and more certain.

There’s still an audience ready to watch, we still come here. Some of us are true diehards. I still check on Soup Comic. I think I have moved at least twice since the final post with snickerdoodles. This probably means nothing to you, as it has been showing a link to ‘cgi-bin’ for some months now. Alun has at least posted to his tumbler account a few months ago, so he’s probably still around.

I understand, if this needed to make money, it probably wasn’t pulling in enough to justify the time you spent on it. I’m not trying to convince you to sink more into a money drain if that’s your situation. But if you have a story to tell, there’s still people to tell it to.

If you’re fighting depression, remember that you come before the comic; take care of yourself and your needs first. We miss you and care about you, even though we never really got to know you. We don’t understand, of course, because we don’t know what you’re going through unless you tell us. But we appreciate what you have done for us, and accept what will be will be.


The entitlement in these comments is really something.

As a fellow creator I have intense appreciation for how much of her time and herself Rose has poured into this comic and I assure you that A) a break to square away the needful is not something any of us do lightly and B) Rose will be back at this eventually.


Thanks for saying it – I often get quite upset seeing some of the hostility directed to creators on hiatus. What a way to “encourage” a creator, seriously? But it cheers me to see the contuing support from most fans.

Anyhow, Rose *is* still working on RMR; the kickstarter project goes slowly, but it goes. I’m prepared to wait however long it takes – it’s worth it.


For many of us, it’s not entitlement or hostility. It’s sadness. We’re sad because very few comics come back from a 6 month hiatus. Even fewer come back from a hiatus that is over nine months. That’s not negativity, entitlement, or criticism, it’s just the facts.

Personally, I would love to see RMR return in triumph, with all the beauty & creativity that Rose has displayed for us. I would be happy to know that I was justified in keeping this lovely webcomic in my favorites & continuing to check in. I want to know what happens next with Rose, Siamar, Siamar’s kid, the rebels whose name I forget at the moment, Ezius, and everything else that Rose has brought to life for us.

Regarding your two points:
A. No reasonable fan thinks that a creator decides to go on hiatus lightly. We’re sad when they do, but most of us accept that this is a thing that happens form time to time. However, it’s been 8 months since she posted here, nine months since she posted on twitter or tumblr, and almost a year since she posted on Patreon. At this point I’d settle for closure.

B. Lacking any sort of supporting argument(i.e. you spoke to Rose recently via social media/email/at the local coffee shop), I find your statement both naively optimistic and nothing more than an opinion.

I’m sorry if my tone is less than diplomatic, but I dislike when would be defenders who rail at entitlement. It always feels as an attempt to shut down the filthy plebians for daring to voice uncomfortable thoughts.

I miss this comic and still hope it will return, but I hold no hope for it at this time.


Until I “hear” otherwise from Rose, I take it on faith that she is working to accomplish a monumental Kickstarter project that includes both a full printed version of the comic and an RPG sourcebook – both of which are being published by a company in a country foreign to her (Italy – Rose is in Scotland) and all that entails in communications. Considering she has to do freelance work to make ends meet even without the successful Kickstarter project, I’d say that nine months without an update is not only to be expected, but it would be unrealistic to expect another page to be posted until a month or two after the project has been shipped and he schedule returns to “normal”.

Aside from a couple of posts, I think most people have been supportive and understanding, which, from my perspective as a ‘regular Joe reader’, should be the normal reaction. Everyone has busy lives outside their online life with their work and family responsibilities, so adding on another layer of time spent creating, posting and maintaining a project the size of a comic/graphic novel is a major undertaking. Whether you understand the amount of time and labor that goes into a successful online comic or not, keep in mind that she has enough of a following to fund a Kickstarter project that is several thousand dollars/euros in scope. In my book, that’s pretty impressive for a “hobby” comic, even if you are a professional writer/artist for your “day job”.

Rose is a capable and professional artist trying to deliver on paying work and she will return as soon as she is able, and the best support you can offer her right now is to spare a few moments once in awhile to check-in on her body of work that she shares free of charge and offer a word or two of encouragement or appreciation. I counsel patience and gratitude if you truly enjoy her work, neither of which is easy to offer, but both of which will be greatly appreciated. :)


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