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August 24, 2017

“I mean, there was lightning and things. Come on.”

Hey guys, just a small note to say updates may be a bit disrupted over the next couple of weeks. I was supposed to be moving to a new flat on Saturday, now it’s up in the air (new flat has damp, it turns out) so my housing situation is a little… nebulous? Basically packing and holding my breath at the moment. Ugghhh


Siamar certainly isn’t concerned with state secrets, is he…

. . .

Sorry to hear about your flat trouble, hope it resolves quickly. I guess if you’re not allowed to move in because of the damp, that at least means the owner wants to fix the problem?


Definitely not a normal storm. Oo And best of luck with your housing situation! Keep us posted if you can. ;)


Very interesting; an unusually powerful storm? Could it be magically induced or controlled? Or is it something more alarming, such as wild magic that no one expected or can counter? Many questions, Saiamar!

Good luck with the housing situation! Having a stable living space is necessary if you plan to do anything (moving is one of the most disruptive events in anyone’s life – even when it goes according to plan), so no worries at all about your schedule, and know that your readers appreciate knowing you’re okay and that updates will resume when the figurative (or literal) dust settles. :)


so refreshing to see the adults in the room actually sit down and have a meaningful conversation. The usual m.o. Is for hijinks to ensue, and it takes a hundred pages before character A imparts crucial information to character B.


I hope things are going ok for you… is it still the housing trouble giving you grief?


Hey! Yes, though it’s mostly sorted now, finally. I’ve successfully moved as of a couple of days ago, but won’t have internet access at home for at least another week – I’m using a friend’s phone to write this comment, haha. Updates will resume either next Monday or the week after, fingers crossed.


I hope you’re doing okay, Rose! :)


Same here – regularly checking for updates…


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