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August 17, 2017

Way to bury the lede, Saiamar.


All right! It’s time to get this plot moving forward at the speed of an Ashuli airship! :D If there’s one thing that I am certain of, it’s that our beloved Captain is not indecisive. The journey ahead may be a bit bumpy, but she will not to fail to deliver, whatever “it” may end up being under the circumstances.

I love how well characterized your cast is, Rose. Truly, you have put in the necessary thought and time to portray them to us readers as you want them to be seen, and that is no small feat. Thank you, once again, for sharing them with us! :)


“Captain’s notes:

* Have important Imaran noble in custody who has admitted to act of espionage & is implicated in hostile attack on Ashul.

* Imaran government apparently concealing internal turmoil.

* Circumstance opportune for invasion and pacification.”

… that is, if she actually is a loyal observer for the Ashul regime (whatever it is… some sort of military junta, maybe?)


Close! It’s a stratocratic dictatorship. As for the captain’s notes on the matter, we’ll just have to wait and see.


Nice! An educational reference that I hadn’t even noticed or realized existed, though when I got to the part of the wiki article referring to Sparta it started to sound familiar (I love Classical History and Greek Mythology). That’s the problem with getting older, sometimes you forget what you know. ;)

Thank you so much for answer the question!


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