Page 14

January 27, 2009

I feel like this is cheating a bit since I had already drawn the first page* a while ago and it just needed to be repainted to a degree. Still it’s done! Also, it took ages to find the font I was using for the text boxes, so not only has the word “special” lost all meaning to me, in my head that lump of text is being said in a Weebl and Bob voice.

*Note: This was originally page 1.


I like walking in the rain….Given the opportunity, I would walk during a downpour and feel the rain’s cleansing power as it sweep away the foul things in this world and maybe most important…the feeling that for a while I have the world all to myself…A bit selfish really..but we need to be a bit selfish sometimes or else we ain’t human. Love the artwork.


I was just introduced to Red Moon Rising. I just spent several minutes admiring just this page. Brilliantly understated. The style reminds me of a haiku.


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