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July 25, 2017

Ask a personal question, get a personal answer.


I cannot tell if there is a lot of repressed emotion in Samara there, or a long cooled-off resignation. But its a powerful scene regardless.

Amused at the almost embarrassed look on Siamar’s face in the last panel!


Not “almost”–he moves swiftly from the superior position of “How would you feel if you lost one?” to “Oh, you did–uh, maybe not just one–military family–and you stay calm and carry on while I’m a wreck . . .”


It may only be me, but I don’t think Saiamar ever took the emotional stance of superiority during his entire encounter with the Captain. Lying face first on the deck he was desperate and indignant at their treatment of him, but since then he’s only been deeply frustrated and, now, sympathetic and calmed. Samara’s calm and sincere answer is having a tranquilizing effect on him and it seems to be exactly what he needs in order to tell his story.

Rose, I particularly love the expressions on Saiamar’s face in this scene, and it is the reason why I came to the conclusions above. I might be wrong, but if so it’s no fault of your art, just my interpretation. You really have tremendous skill and talent when it comes to conveying complex emotions in a single facial expression.

Also, Samara’s minor shifts in her expression? That lady could win a staring contest with a glacier; it wouldn’t even be a contest Vegas would take bets on. She bears the mantle of command with both grace and authority. :)


“A staring contest with a glacier…” indeed!

I agree, I dont think Siamar came in here with any air of superiority. He was in a bit of a flap, certainly, and hadnt done much thinking… but with all the grief and stress, that can be excused!


Death in battle, or disowned for treason? Inquiring minds want to know … and shall simply have to read the comic to find out.


whew it’s been like 2 years since I last read this. I have no idea what’s going on nor do I even remember most of the story but all I know is that I was loving it until I got impatient.

i think at one point I was going to print this out and make a physical copy for myself but there’s literally hundreds of pages in the first part alone.


Well, it is going to be in print now, following a kickstarter! I’m not sure if it’ll be purchaseable separaterly from that, though.


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