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June 28, 2017

“Only joking, the ship would smell like burning for weeks. We’d just throw you into the sea.”

The Kickstarter’s officially over! Thanks one final time to everyone who chipped in for a book or spread the word in any way, I was very touched by the sheer amount of support and interest! I’ll be keeping everyone up to date on how the whole thing is progressing, just as soon I’ve finally, finally caught up on some sleep.


“Nothing is flammable. Except for you. If you step out of line.”
Oh I like Samarra. I like Siamar too, mind, but Samarra has just outclassed him in that slightly understated awesome you are so good at putting into your characters. It’s only a pity she and Addi have such incompatible personalities, else they could make a great team. With much fire.

Also, please, do catchup on sleep! We can wait for the rewards of the kickstarter, as lomg as you need. :-)


Well, I’m going to claim being on vacation as my excuse for not commenting until now. :P

Back to important stuff though, I can confirm that my Kickstarter fee has been charged, so that means the wheels of progress can begin moving forward. Woohoo! :D

Also, point to the Captain, especially if mages can’t make a fire that burns hot enough to melt solid steel (or whatever is used by Ashul). Well, that and the fact that he’s face down on the floor and pinned by crew that she commands. Y’know, minor things. ;)


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