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June 20, 2017

A likely story, Saiamar, airships don’t have front doors! Checkmate!

I’m thrilled to be able to say the Kickstarter’s reached (and surpassed!) the goal! We’re going to print!!! Books for everyone! Everyone that bought a book, anyway!

Still 2 days left!

I’ve been working on Red Moon Rising for over eight years now, and getting to see it in print has been something I’ve been dreaming of since page one. It seemed like a bit of a pipe dream at first (and I’m not going to count my chickens until I’m holding the final book in my hands) but, well… the 16-year-old me who was doodling these characters in my school jotters (in between Dungeons and Dragons games) would be pretty pleased to see how it’s all turned out.

There’s little I wanted more in the world than to take RMR to print, and I’m both ecstatic and flattered that there are enough people out there that felt the same way to see the Kickstarter to success. I’m indebted to every one of you, and these books are going to be the best I can possibly make. Thank you so much.

And one final plug as we go into the home straight: get yourself a book!


Yeah, Saiamar! Ships have a bow, a stern, port and starboard sides, but no FRONT. And doors are called HATCHES on a ship, not doors. Sheesh. How very undiplomatic of you to not know your navy terms. You probably even call lines ropes, which is incredibly gauche. You’re such a churl, Saiamar. Oh, and get a haircut, ya hippie! :P


I actually think the Captain and Saiamar might get along okay, seeing as how neither beat around the bush when it comes to getting to the point in a conversation. Whether he can talk convincingly with his beard swabbing the deck though? That’s a different story. ;)

Oh, and congratulations on meeting your first Kickstarter goal, Rose! Hopefully it will be that start of more good things to come. Personally, I’m very much looking forward to the glossy pages of art that you’ll be adding to my growing collection. :)


Thanks very much! It’s a huge relief that everything went well, there’s not much more I wanted that to see the comic printed eventually, so hell yeahhhh


Hello, new characters! I see the last few pages have been more paintish, it’s nice.

Congratulations on the Kickstarter campaign! I hoped it would success, after so many years of reading Red Moon Rising online :) Yay for you Rose! I can’t imagine all the time and work you’ve put into this, on the backstage of things (is that the right term?). Can’t wait to hold my own book!

On a more technical side: will you see some proof prints of the comic before its final print? I recommend you get those, especially since the comic has some very striking colors online (maybe more so in the second arc), which might not transition as intended. But you’ve probably covered that with your publisher already :)


These are some of my kind Patreon backers! One of the tiers includes a cameo in the comic and those are finally getting implemented now that it’s not just Galak and Ezius arguing with no one else around. :)

Also, thank you! I’ve probably already communicated this ad nauseum, but I’m so psyched that this was a success and the various books will be going ahead. It’s a huge goal to reach for me personally and I just couldn’t be happier.

I absolutely expect to see some proof prints for the comic before printing goes ahead. I’m not very well versed in printing stuff (or maybe we would have seen a book before now) – Alephtar will be handling most of that and they have a lot of experience in that regard, so I’m not worried at all about the quality or process. The colours of RMR are certainly a bit challenging, but I think it should all be quite doable!


Poor Siamar. He’s just not getting much respect from anyone these days. Never mind that he’s been recently widowered and all. And abandoned to the cruel fate of wearing a bushy beard.

I notice they’re not very conservative with space on this airship. Just how big did the build the thing? And how much helium do they use to keep the whole thing aloft? (I’m not going to suggest that a warship is being lifted with flammable hydrogen!)

Regarding the kickstarter, I’m amazed at the number of 11th-hour backers… great qwork advertising, whatever it is you did! I so very much look forward to holding a printed copy of this.


Who’s even got time to shave these days? Too much sulking and breaking into airships to be done.

As for the space issue, that was dawning on me a bit as I was drawing this! I kind of prefer a nebulously labyrinthine layout for Ashul’s airships, though that’s more of an aesthetic than a clever design choice, I admit. That said, there’s going to be a lot more solid info about the tech behind it in the RPG book, including the mechanisms behind how they actually stay in the air.


The Kickstarter has closed with funding well over the mark, and the money’s been transferred now that I can see! This thing is happening!

Time for celebrations people! We oughta contract Ezius’ people for the entertainment, I hear their show is tops.

*goes to run victory laps*


Yay – Kickstarter all funded. Now all I have to do is wait (im)patiently for my t-shirt to arrive.
So pleased that everyone got behind it.

Way to go Rose – now for the hard work to put it all together.



There were t-shirts involved? I musta missed that. I guess we’ll be contacted to ask about sizes?


Yeah, the €100 tier included a t-shirt! I honestly am not sure about how the sizing and such will work, any questions about that are best asked on the kickstarter page itself.


Well, I definitely wanted the book, but a last minute family illness shot that hope down for the kickstarter. Is there going to be a chance of just buying the book later?


Hi Ruth, I’m very sorry to hear that and I hope your family is ok. I believe the book should be available to purchase later, and I’ll definitely be keeping people up to date on that.


Congrats on funding! :D It will be so awesome to have the books in print and showing them off to people who don’t read webcomics.So happy it all worked out! :)


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