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January 25, 2010

Hey guys! Guess what!

Red Moon Rising is one year old today! *party popper*

Ok, so the sketch is terrible, but I didn’t have time to do anything too fancy. Still, seemed like I should do something. Hitting the one year mark is kind of weird, it seems like a lot longer than that in many ways, though it does also feel like yesterday where I would just spend all my time playing video games and vaguely musing about doing a webcomic some day. Overall, I have to say, starting this comic is one of the best things I’ve ever done. Here’s to many more!

Also the Comic Creator’s Alliance donation drive is over now, and it raised over $10,000! You guys are awesome.

And finally, I added a pronunciation guide for my surname to the About page. Loughran is pronounced LOCK-ran. Say it with me. LOCK-ran.


If by “terrible” you mean “awesome” then yes that picture is terrible.

:D It feels like just yesterday I started reading RMR, too…weird. Congrats!


Heh, that sketch got the first good laugh out of me all day! It’s so awesome and random. Congrats on hitting 1 year!


I’ve been re-reading your lovely comic, I noticed that you have a lot locations, however no map, I always enjoy, reading travelling in a mysterious land and then looking up the location on the map!!


Congrats! You’ve hit one of your first truly great milestones! I hope to see you hit many more! (okay, actually I suppose i wish the whole comic was in a big stack in front of me and I could read it voraciously in like a day or two, but I’ll settle for the weekly updates instead…)

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you…


Wooh! Happy Birthday RMR! Is it Lock-ran because I’ve been saying it wrong all these years or because you doubt people could pronounce Loch – ran. Man, now I feel all embarrassed and stuff. Als, let’s meet up! I’m back at uni!


Congrats! And may there be many years still to come!

Ah, will there ever be a day that i’ll stop procrastinating and perhaps do a webcomic myself…maybe, just maybe. :) Just out of curiosity: what was it that made you go for it eventually?


Happy Birthday Red Moon Rising! Am I invited to the party?
For some strange reason Rose, I always thought your last name was Laughran, and I though “that`s easy to remember! I like to run and laugh!” haha, but you crushed those thoughts Rose…. CRUSHED THEM I SAY! >.< Fine be that way… have your last name be Loughran *runs away*

I still get cake though, right? hehe


Hurrah, Happy Comic Birthday :D

. . . I wonder if anyone has told him he has pretty eyes. And then survived the aftermath.


Thats awesome!
I literally just started reading this today, weird it should be so close to your one year mark! =)
Loving it, keep up the good work!


Happy Belated Birthday!! (though I said as much in the chat for your TGT podcast). I haven’t gotten to say your name aloud yet, but if I did, I would roll the R. ;)


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