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May 23, 2017

So I’ve tidied up the website a bit over the last week, but in far more important news:

The Red Moon Rising kickstarter is now live!!

If you’ve been looking to get a print copy of RMR at any point, now’s finally your chance! My publisher, Alephtar Games, is looking to not only see Red Moon Rising in print, but to also create a brand new game book based entirely around RMR’s setting and characters.

There’s a ton of info about the project through on the kickstarter page, but for my part I’d like to say that this is basically a dream project for me. Seeing my comic in print as well as having an opportunity to produce a book about all of the world building I’ve been working on behind the scenes for the last eight years is crazy exciting, and I really hope you guys think so too.

Of particular note to readers, there’s an early bird discount on the print comic for the first couple of days of the kickstarter, so if you’re interested please go for it! And if you have any questions, have at it in the comments here or over on the kickstarter page.

As always, thanks so much to everyone for reading. I really hope we can see this thing in print!


Yeah I’m super excited about seeing this in print. Out of interest, could those in the know about kickstarter (not me, this is only the second time I’ve backed anything ever) tell me if it’s possible to put separate pledges in? Because whilst I long for a copy of Red Moon Rising in my hands, I can think of others I’d like to gift it to, also.


Multiple copies of an item might become problematic to handle, as the shipping expenses depend on the weight and we already know that the volumes, printed on high quality paper, will turn out to be quite heavy. Shipping two sets of the graphic novel volumes will probably cost us twice the shipment fees for a single set.

Solution: either you find a way to make multiple pledges with different accounts, OR you increase your pledge to be double the amount. And by double the amount I mean double the shipping expenses, too. After which you send us a message to tell us you want two of them, just to be sure the message goes through.


Thank you for the advice! I might see if I can simply create a second account. I’ve already signed on for the “early bird” comic (seem appropriate, I’ve been carrying on about a printed comic for years, Rose probly thinks me right nusiance by now!), but I’d be pretty keen on the highest teir thing as well. I might wait to see what my finances look like in a fortnight though.


Woohoo! It’s up! It’s up! Consider me onboard, but I just have one question first: When do we get a peek at the t-shirt design? If I can manage it I’ll go for it, but I’m curious what the art would be. :)


Would you consider adding a kickstarter tier for pdf only of the comic? I can’t afford the book, but i’d love to have a “to go” version of the comic in pdf.


Hey, I’ll double check this for you but unfortunately I don’t think it’s actually possible to add or edit any of the tiers once the Kickstarter’s live.

The lowest tier on the KS as-is does include the PDF of the comic, so I would encourage you to either go for that if it’s in your price range. If not, I expect we’ll be selling the PDF separately in the future, assuming the Kickstarter succeeds! I hope that helps.


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