Page 130

May 17, 2017

Sam’s getting in some classic captain poses.


I think all machines work like that. There’s nothing like a good thump now and again to frighten the gremlins out of their mischief.


Indeed they do! And just hope that it’s gremlins in your machine and not the Boojum. Those…those take a lot more convincing to leave you alone, and it’s not usually a pleasant experience one way or another. ;)

Loving the return to Ashul’s finest (whether anyone else thinks of them as such or not is immaterial!


Heheh, yes, and I rather imagine Sam doesn’t give a damn what other people think of her, at all!


I need a print of this page to put up at work, actually on second thought two, one for the garage and one for work. It captures my life most days perfectly.


The lieutenants character design is awesome.
The googles, that beard. lets hope he does not go the way of the late Iron Fist.


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