Page 124

December 10, 2009

I’m still settling in to the whole pencilling thing, and the fact that the scanner I’m using is made of fail isn’t helping much, but I think it’s going well! It’s nice working this way, and I think it may actually be quicker. It’s certainly more satisfying, and I already have a big heap of sketches which makes me feel like I am proper arting like yeah. Not sure what I’ll do with said big heap of sketches, or where to keep them, but I guess I’ll figure something out eventually.

I also realised that I had been forgetting to do the splodgy effect on the speech bubbles for something like the last two scenes (thanks Rob), which I’ve started up again this page. I’ll probably go back and fix the pages that don’t have it soon enough.

New vote incentive is the page lineart again. The pencils are a bit chunkier this time around, which wasn’t intentional, but probably something I’ll try and stick with. It seems to suit the colouring well.


Yeah, I’m liking this page, seems very real (and the speech bubbles look great ;)). It’s also the first one I can remember from RMR without a panel-as-background type composition. Deliberate or random?


Whoo! I like this page too, I think I just needed to settle into the pencils a bit more. And the speech bubbles definitely help, haha. :)

As for the background, sort of both. I realised I needed to make some space for the dialogue and just decided to drop a panel in order to do so. Usually I have a panel I want to either emphasise or drop back as the “bleed out” panel where the background goes under the other panels. In this page, though, I sort of liked the sort of crushed-in feeling I was getting in the thumbnail with the zoomed in shots of their faces, so I decided to keep all the panels boxed in, as it were.


Hrm, maybe a three-ring binder for the sketches? I hate to think of them having holes in them, but if it keeps you from losing them (or scattering them around your room). . .

There are also online auctions =3


Is it me or does Galak’s jawline get more rugged and manly in this page?

And I keep all of my sketches in a shoebox. Hardly ideal, but at least I know where they are and it has a reassuring weight to it.


I think it’s just you acknowledging your manly love for Galak and his jawline.

The shoebox is a good idea, unfortunately I don’t think I have a spare one kicking around. I don’t buy many shoes. :(


I tell a lie, actually. Last year I poly-pocketed and sorted a load of it out. The shoebox used to sorted via the crude medium of A4 coloured card sheets in between the various “categories” of sketch for my one big meta-project. I took all the stuff relevant to one arc of it, broke it down into sub-categories and then into a big folder it went.

I half meant to papier maché the outside of it to make it look like some ancient tome, but I realised that would take effort, cleaning up and a massive display of ego that I couldn’t be arsed with.


I… Wow. This is exactly the kind of artwork that got me hooked on your comic in the first place. Your characters’ features always come out so amazing.

And Kikky’s right; especially as your fan base continues to expand, there’s good demand for original comic artwork. Hell, I know I’d be interested; unfortunately, I’m also a college student with near zero expendable income, but I’m sure there are other fans out there who actually have money…


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