Page 121

November 30, 2009

Delayed post today, but you were forewarned on Thursday, so I don’t feel too bad. Plus I like this page, sunset palettes are my favourite. I’m off away to Glasgow again this Thursday for another dentist visit, so hurrrggghh I am grumpy, too much work to do, not enough time.


F1rst p0St 11!!11

Okay, enough with the trolling for this month. Wonderfull page. Can it be, that your art has improved a bit recently? This page looks really “ready 2 print”.


I hope so! I’m trying to improve my art all the time, and I think this page did turn out a bit better than usual. I think it’s half due to the colour scheme (I really like this palette) and half due to the fact that I enjoy painting clouds a lot.


i like the colours in this quite a bit.
the cig reference actually made me laugh. Its nice to bring some real references into the work, for me personally, it grounds it more and makes it more human. Nicely done.


I like this page a lot. Looks very natural.
Also, they look like twins to me. ^^
Also also, thanks for your technique on “how to make it rain” in photoshop. I tried it, and the effect is just amazing.


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