Page 120

November 26, 2009

Bit of a close call on this page, since I’m heading out of town for the weekend in about an hour and just finished it off. Still, hoorayyyy, all done. I kind of wish I had more time to spend on the backgrounds, but them’s the breaks. Monday’s page might be a bit delayed for the same reason. D:


Du to the fact that people normally take of their shoes before hanging themselves, there is only one solution:
it is someone sitting at the top of the ship, and he is taken the whole *military-dresscode*-thing not so serious


I dunno about *normal* behavior while trying to commit a suicide… But I also think there’s just a person sitting above the frame. ;)

Great colors, as usual. :)


Why would anyone want to hang himself on a flying ship anyways? I mean, jump down, enjoy the fall, and try not to fall into a forest…


may i note that there is a serious amount of magic in this universe, so it could be just some flying dude, or maybe flying shoes


Yay, nice page ^^
I usually loathe pinkish colors, but I somehow realy like this page… the color scheme is kinda comforting. Also, looking forward to what is going to happen next.


Galak looks really good in the fourth panel. And I like that Adrianna is sitting there of all places, it would almost be weird if she didn’t do somethng like that :)


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