Page 119

November 23, 2009

I made a point of taking my time with this page, and it ended up taking less time than usual, however that works.

New vote incentive, another character headshot for mysterious secret project ooo. She’s looking pretty grumpy, as all characters tend to look when I first draw them. I like to think it’s because I’m such a cheery person that I have to express my inner grouch somehow.

Also, it is my birthday tomorrow. :>


<3 With the red background and the black shoulders and high collar, your vote incentive looks all set to command the Enterprise into a tense battle vs. some Klingons! Also! Happy birthday in advance!


See right now she’s shocked he would bring that up but later she’s going to take that voodoo doll she has of him (for emergencies of course) and drop it form a very tall building. lol

Happy Birthday XD


I did some fanart for you! XD She seems like she’s got an ace up her sleeve, I can’t help but think that she’ll turn all badass on us sometime soon!

Have a good one!


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