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November 16, 2009

Angry faaacesss D:< They are totally having a marital.

Just to briefly address some drama that went down over the weekend, I'm going to link to this post over at Sandra and Woo which pretty much sums up my thoughts on the matter. Anyone who’s interested in anything further can check this out.

In much more positive news, my Baconnaise arrived! Newer readers won’t have a clue why this is important, but long-term readers might remember that right back when I started Red Moon Rising, a friend of mine promised to send me some Baconnaise if I managed to make it to 60 pages without missing a single update. I totally managed it, but it’s taken another 45 pages for the Baconnaise itself to finally show up. Initial reactions? Bacony. Will elaborate as my Baconnaisey week progresses.


(Sorry! The dude says “sunk of our” not “sunk one of our” in panel 3… You should delete this post after it’s fixed – hide the evidence!)

*casually whistling while looking in opposite direction*


Ohhhh noooo! Fixed now, good catch. :) No worries, I’ll leave the comment, I think this may be my first dialogue error so far in the comic. Nothing to be that ashamed of after 105 pages, I think!


Angry faces are my favorite!

Also, I’m thinking of getting some Baconnaise for a friend of mine who has never experienced bacon. Also for myself.


Oh, and by the way… Just read all the stuff about the awards debacle. That webmaster? What a douche. I’m in your corner here all the way.


Wow. Just wow. i just read the web comic awards debacle, and that guy IS a douche. RED MOON RISING IS EPIC!!!! Im so on your team, all the way!!!!! Team Kyethn!!!!! WOOT!!!!!

By the way Baconnaise…. is wicked awesome on a BLT. Makes it SUPER bacon-y!!!


Waaaaaaat? Damnit internet, why must everything be drama with you? Well, at least you were doing well before everything collapsed in a pile of wangst.

Also, baconnaise! I never thought it would actually arrive. How is it? Is it bad? I always thought it would be pretty bad.


this post comes in 2 parts, commentary and DIY baconnaise!

Part 1
The web comic community is a double edged sword. newer comics have to whore around and network to promote your comic, then you get tangled up in the bullshit. Some artists just like to be ass hats which always adds fuel to the fire. this event will get added to the greatest hits like scott kurtz freaking out, and that sleazy editor trying to get someone fired from his day job after a fight on a message board.

Part 2
My local bulk food store sells popcorn seasoning. one of the flavors is hickory bacon. 1 tsp of this seasoning into 3 Tbsp of mayo seems about the right level of flavor and salt. excellent on grilled chicken sandwiches. tada Baconnaise!


Now originally this was to be my first quasi-negative feedback. The way this page has been drawn, all the rough, blurred, edges gave it an impression of being rushed. Some of the facials looked a little uncanny-valley. It was only after re-reading the page I realised that all of the above mentioned actually works to enhance its’ emotion.

The fiery colours work really well to promote anger and the green-brown offers an impression of sadness (perhaps hinting at the regret that is to come for these harsh words). What works best of all, in my opinion, is how the rushed look in the facials symbolises the hastily spoken words between Ren & Sai.

While art is of course down to the viewers’ own interpretations, but I feel that this page whilst initionally ill-viewed works wonders.


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