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November 12, 2009

A bit late in the day, but it’s done now. Hooraaayyy. Had an important presentation for university as well as a coursework submission, so obviously those took priority. On the plus side, they both went well, and with enough time to spare to finish off the page, just about. I am totally ready to go to sleep right now.

For those of you that missed the edit to the last update, sorry for the missed page on Monday – it was a result of my laptop breaking over the weekend and me completely failing health-wise to rush the page into existence on Monday. Rest assured, a buffer is finally being planned out so that doesn’t happen again, I’m pretty sure I hate missing updates more than the all of you combined.


I love how the first panel works to identify the major climate differences between the three main locations; the elegance of Imara, the elemental-touch of the rain-drenched dock, and the mechanisms of where Adrianna is being kept.

Keep up the good work!


Yeah, I like to do an establishing shot when switching locations, otherwise I think the transition would be a bit abrupt. Plus they’re a nice opportunity to do some location shots, which I really enjoy painting. :) Thanks!


the story evolves on one side of the continent, its building up tension…and then you switch over to this site of the continent… you know how to keep me reading >.<


All I can see is the building at the top, then the rest of the rectangular space a blank grey. I’ve reloaded several times and quit & relaunched my browser.


Yes, what Illiani said. Chances are the image didn’t finish loading properly first time round (either a connection problem on your end or the server had a slight glitch on my end) and you ended up with a half-loaded image stuck in your cache. Easiest fix is to simply force a reload which is usually ctrl-F5 on most browsers.


And we’re back here again…

This place always looks different though – first time it was really bright white light, then at nighttime, now it seems to be a bit overcast. The architecture helps though – but there are no evil robots on the horizon this time.

Also, these characters need more smiles :D


It’s almost as if the weather and time of day changes or something craaaazy like that. :D

And everyone needs more smiles, though they’re not going to be getting them in this scene, alas.


D: I love this comic, and the art. Sooo much. I don’t really know how to make an interesting comment for you but I just wanted to poke in and show my support xD /never comments and stuff

I’ve been reading since the Meek brought me over ehehehe :3 I’ll be here reading, just not leaving comments often ._. *disappears into shadows to admire from afar*


Thank you! It’s always nice when a stealth-reader pops in to make a comment. :) I’m just glad to know that you’re enjoying it and took the time to leave a comment. <3


This webcomic is awesome. The whole steampunk-y atmosphere really works, and the art is pweeetty.
I’ll definitely bookmark it!


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