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January 16, 2017

So this is going well.

And we’re back! That was a longer break than I had anticipated taking, honestly, but I’m feeling pretty good for it. I think that’s the longest “holiday” I’ve had in a veryyyyy long time that didn’t involve being horribly ill or injured. Hoping you all had a similarly nice festive period and new year!


So … what exactly was that thingy, again? Some sort of ship drive? Inquiring yet forgetful minds want to know.
I’m still more enamoured of the rebels’ rifles – which threaten both state actors we’ve been introduced to to date. Asymmetric threats are disruptive.


It’s not actually been revealed yet! This scene is the first, biggest clue. Lethe seemed to think it was some sort of storage device with government secrets on it, at least.


Welcome back! Glad you had a good break. :)

Ezius has stones, making such a threat to an armed man… or does he secretly have guards hiding in the shrubbery? That’d be a smart thing to do.


Galak is…not impressed. I think that Ezius underestimates both Galak’s resolve and his intelligence. Politics may not be his strong suit, but Galak knows right from wrong, and no words, threats, or even violence will change his mind. That AWESOME shadowing of his face and granite mien speaks volumes.

Nice to hear your break was restful, Rose! You deserved it. :)


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