Page 115

November 5, 2009

Edit: Sorry folks, the Monday update’s just not happening. My laptop broke (again) over the weekend while I was away and my attempt to hustle today in order to get the page up on time has just left me feeling extremely ill and tired. Who would have thought getting up at 4am on three hours sleep and no food would be a bad idea? Anyway, given the choice between uni work and comic work, I fell on the side of uni work this time.

I hate making excuses like this, it’s so typical webcomic artist, but updates from Thursday onwards should be a lot more punctual, pinky swear.

Sadly enough, this is probably the happiest I’ve ever drawn Adrianna.

New vote incentive (finally), a quick painty doodle thing from a mysterious project oooh that I’m working on right now. More to be revealed at some point later.


Hate to throw my masculinity out the window like this, but…

This page is so adorable…

Seriously, this is hands down my favorite page of RMR so far. I love how you’ve opened Adrianna’s character up just a bit more to show that she does have a smiling, playful side – even if it is still a bit sadistic :D


The distance between them is getting smaller… ^^


They get married on the next page.


So it would seem that I may not have been incorrect when I suspected romance. I agree fully with Kyle above me that this page is adorable. It really is endearing to see Adrianna relax a little.

Panel 3 is perhaps the first time I’ve seen Adrianna smile since this comic began, I could be wrong on the subject as my memory is often found lacking.

Keep up the good work, this comic is always a pleasure to read, something that is made even more so by the unique style.


They are now entering the cootie stage of their relationship, a couple mroe stages and she’ll be pregnant :)
Anyways I agree with everyone else this was a great page, looking forward to next Monday!!


Aww, Adrianna looks really nice smiling!

You should totes give her more to be happy about. Also, your incentive man is all craggy and rugged. He could do with smiling too.


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