Page 115

December 20, 2016


The final page of 2016! I’ll be taking a small break over Christmas, but will see you all in January for, would you believe it, even more comic pages! Thanks as ever for reading, everyone.


Merry Xmas!

Can’t help but feel some kind of spicyness through those words… And a single triarch should be a Singularch ? :D


A mon-arch.


Given the Byzantine theme these guys have, “Despot” would probably be the most appropriate title, though that’s a word that took on some heavy baggage when it migrated into English – just like “Tyrant” and even the etymologically innocent “Dictator”. :-)


“Didn’t there used to be more of you?”
Zing! A return salvo! These guys should totally get stuck into a sass-off. :p


So many points for Galak. You know, I do believe he is my favorite, even if he’s only a tangentially important character. :)

Then again, I have a habit of saying that about numerous characters, so what do I know? It’s your fault for writing such fun characters! :D


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