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December 13, 2016

In some alternate universe Ezius is definitely a stage magician.


HOW can you be so good at ALL the colour schemes?!? The greenhouse setting is so beautiful.

Btw, do you have plans to make the comic into an actual book? Maybe with help from your Patreon? I would love to own a physical copy of this gorgeousness.


Thanks! :) I guess I just like messing around with colours a lot. I usually have a set idea for how a scene is going to be lit and coloured, but often it ends up totally different once I’m actually in Photoshop, and I just roll with it, haha.

As for a book, I’m still figuring that one out… I know it would be tricky to self-publish in the UK as most of my readers are in the US and international postage costs would be utter murder. That’s before considering I have very little experience with print or distribution, and very little time between RMR and freelancing to learn. I guess stay posted!


Regarding a book, would you be ok with someone printing out their own copy? It’d cost a fair bit, but I’d really like to do that if I can scrape the coppers together. It would only be one copy, of course, and I’d make sure to put your copywrite notice in.


I’m not sure he even got around to try lying, his eyes had said everything already. No poker face on that one.

Inside the glass: is that one of those glowstick thingies? Like the one Lethe stole? Or *is* it the one Lethe stole?
… right, that’s it, I’m rereading the whole story, my remembering is a little fuzzy. :)


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