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December 5, 2016

This guyyyy.

No big news this week except that I’m properly moving the update day to Monday. My schedule shifted recently, so this seemed to make the most sense! The Friday updates were mostly happening on Saturday anyway, so this should help a bit.


“LOL” just isn’t adequate to convey my reaction to this page. If my family were home right now they would be asking what I’m laughing at. Perfect comedic timing! Thank you.


Notice how Triach Spiffy-Hair calls himself the ruler. Not “one of the rulers.”


Yeah, “triarch” hardly works when your ruling cadre has undergone a 66% downsizing initiative. Maybe he can just rebrand himself “monarch”? Or “despot”? Or maybe “supreme-grand-high-overlord”? Or I dunno, these people have a very Byzantine shtick to them, he could just go with “Basil” :p


What attitude! Rose’s writing never disappoints. I’d be inclined to read this even if it were purely written fiction! Although of course, the art *is* superlative also.

As an aside, along with superiour sassitude, the Triarch (if he still acknowledges that he’s nominally one of three?) has a grand taste for interior gardens. Or, in fun-syphoning officialese my employers might use, “green breakout areas”.


Arch and steely, all at once. Very nice.
As for Ilmari’s suggestion, Basil Bulgarotokus? That is perhaps the coolest handle of all time. I second the motion.


Wait wait wait wait wait wait
I just remembered– it’s Ashul that’s occupying Rishara Caan, not Imara. So unless Ezius is also somehow actually Falon-Din (and therefore was at war with himself I guess?) there must be some kind of misunderstanding here (whether on our part as readers, Imara’s part, or the resistance’s part, I don’t know). Because I thought the Risharan resistance was against Ashul, it’s Ashul’s “military secrets” they want. Unless the data stick doesn’t actually contain military secrets, but something damning for Imara? Was the showdown in the courtyard considered potentially ruinous to Imara? I have so many questions and don’t know what to do with them???


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