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October 8, 2016

That door was two days away from retirement, damn it.


Yeah, right, as if rulers would actually be so hands-on with their rule. :p. Not in an age where long-distance communication is possible. Or am I unfairly skeptical?


Sounds like being a Triarch’s door is akin to being a police officer/detective during their last couple of weeks until retirement — at high risk for death or dismemberment. It makes one wonder, are office doors superstitious?

“Dang it! I’m too old for this schtick!” :D (For the Lethal Weapon fans…)

Anyway…on a more serious note, what are the chances that the other Triarchs “disappeared” around the same time that the delegation from Ashul arrived? I’m still not completely sold on Ezius’ disarming demeanor, and it wouldn’t shock me if he was double-dealing, sabotaging, or up to some other sort of nefarious plotting.

Meanwhile, I love the lighting in this scene…as usual. :)


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