Page 104

October 9, 2009

Dorking about with different line weights here. If this page looks a little rushed it may be because I’m trying to get Monday’s page done simultaneously so I can visit my parents this weekend, since I haven’t visited them in several months. The things I do for this comic. :|


I think only those who draw it can see the flaws in it… I’d be happy to be half that good. Though, rain has changed direction from last page to this one I think ^^ Not unusuall for a storm like that, though.


Yeah, the flaws stick out like a sore thumb to me, but trying to go back and fix them would just be a waste of time since I’m sure I’d find new ones in the process. :) And yes, storms are kind of prone to do that.


i like the line weights here, but i think the ones in the beginning added to the seriousness of the situations more so than these ones. love the artwork… if only one day i could be so talented….


I was wondering if you could maybe elaborate on that? I’d consider the line weight in this page much more similar to the line weight I used in the beginning (the first eight pages or so) so you can imagine I’m a bit confused, haha. :) Do you mean you preferred the later half of this first chapter?


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