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September 30, 2009

Haha, poker/card game humour. I sure do know my audience. :|

Making a small cameo in the second panel as nameless officer #4078 is Greg of The Zombie Hunters since he was at my livestream of this page, and I had not quite gotten around to doing all the character designing I should have done because I am pro like that. So, if you too want a small chance at being a inconsequential, nameless extra, you should probably drop by a stream some time, which I generally announce on my Twitter account.


Beards + Cybernetics + Being able to smoke constantly with no side effects + a sharp, witty tongue= TOTAL BADASS


Hey it’s the famous one-scene-wonder Captain Mechhand! I remember him! Also… what happens to him.

Aaah, why did I never comment when I read this through the first time? It would be fun to see my commentary from a decade previous.


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