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January 23, 2009

This was a bit of a tricky page since the layout kept shifting about and I couldn’t really settle on whether to add an explosion sound effect since everything I added seemed very redundant. I’m not sure there needs to be one, but who knows. Thoughts? Also, never painted an explosion before, but I guess there has to be a first time for everything.

In far more interesting news, I did some guest art for Prestwick over at Hard Graft, where I have an Aberdonian accent for no apparent reason. I just want to make it clear here that I have never said “fits poppin’” in my life. :|

Also, excitingly, Red Moon Rising has been spotlighted over at TGT Webcomics, and I am pretty damn thrilled about it!

Hopefully there should be some concept art forthcoming since I need to magically learn how to draw airships by this time next week, but for now the new vote incentive is just the sketchy underpainting for this page. Only the last panel was inked and cel-shaded, so working on the page felt a bit more free-form than usual.


I wasn’t sure there was an explosion because of the lack of sound effect. So even if it would be better for comics not to depend on them, we’re used to having them, and it may confuse readers when they aren’t used.


I disagree. The white-out on top, the blast out the windows, the count-down on the previous page. Sounds on this level aren’t heard, they are felt, and any written sound effect would be too weak.


I agree with Hemmer. SInce you also pinky-promised explosions at the end of chapter one, and you’re basically trustworthy, I knew it was an explosion.

Also it’s BLUE/GREEN. What mysterious science governs this universe or was there copper salts in the explosives?


I love your painting style,and i don’t think you needed to add sound effects for it.your painting flows with such emotion,you can hear it,see it,feel it flowing around you.adding sound effects would make it lose such feeling.


The truth is that at epicenter of an explosion there is no sound for a lot of physical reasons. The first I thought of is that your character’s hearing is destroyed; the second is the absence of air at the point of explosion. So I agree with the others who’ve said you don’t need to depict a sound effect. I like the blue-white heat of the explosion.


Actually, your physics was off: Sound can be heard even if there is no air, if there is something that resonates your eardrums. Like water.
At the point of explosion there is air, too, btw, it’s just late from a train and so it’s rushing towards you with great speed. Also he’s a jerk and he usually knocks you down. But it’s kinda your fault for being in the general direction of a train station.


I don’t feel the need for a worded explosion here either. As Jim said above, I thought that the character’s hearing was affected. Really liked this page.


This page is absolutely beautiful. In narratives, the “silent” explosions are often the most destructive, and the complete lack of sound adds emphasis and makes the explosion haunting.


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