Chapter 7 – Cover

May 8, 2017

And we’re back! Chapter seven incoming.

Things are moving along well with the RPG/book project I announced a couple of updates ago! If you guys have any questions about it there’s now an FAQ up on the Alephtar Games website which covers a lot of ground.

Mostly I’m just very excited about this! The kickstarter will be coming up within the next month or so, so stay tuned!


Nothing in that “Q&A” about Ashul rain. And I did ask.

Anyway, good show and keep up the good work, eh.


Ha, sorry about that! Weather is kind of an important theme in RMR (I think being rained on semi-constantly here in Scotland has left me with a mild obsession) so I’ll be aiming to work it into the book in some fashion.


* static noise from the radio. Then * – bip bip bip beeeep beeeep beeeep bip bip bip – * static noise again. Then ominous silence. *


Looking forward to the new chapter and the Kickstarter! :)

So, are we going to pickup with Galak again, or skip around while he cleans up the atrium? It might take him awhile, so I don’t blame you if you don’t want to do forty-seven pages (estimated) of Galak shoveling first and getting a face full of ferns. ;)


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