June 30, 2014

Sorry for the lack of any update last week, the site was still being shifted and there were a few small issues with the database in particular, meaning if I had made a post it would have been erased anyway as the database was being restored from backups. If you made a comment in the last week it’s probably been erased too – sorry about that, I’ll try to restore them shortly!

Otherwise, the site has made it to the new hosting just fine. There should be less technical issues in general, so I’m very chuffed!

I know I said there would be one more page in this chapter, but I ended up axing it – it was pretty redundant, so it hit the cutting room floor. Plus I’m still moving, surrounded by boxes as I’m typing this, so chapter 3 won’t be starting until I’m in my new flat with some internet access. I’m expecting that to be around the 10th of July, internet gods willing. Thanks for everyone’s patience. :)

In the meantime, some music:

Adrianna’s theme again, I ended up re-doing a lot of it after getting some feedback. The piano part is mostly the same, but the surrounding instrumentation is completely changed to accommodate more percussion. I’m still not sure when the soundtrack’s going to be ready to release, but I’m still working on it. Having a lot of fun working on it, actually!